chain from upstream

Our supply chain starts from our controlled and certified ClassyFarm farms.

Over the past 10 years, Dal Monte Srl has undertaken a strong campaign to raise awareness of respect for animal welfare on the farm and before slaughter.


Our now 30 years of experience inraising Scottone has led us to select, in our supply chain, the Limousine genetic type; all animals come from French pasture farms and finish their maturation in our facilities located in the Veneto region of Italy.


In addition to selling animal cuts from our own farms, we resell half-carcasses, quarters and various anatomical cuts from the following EU countries: France, Austria, Spain, Poland, Great Britain and Ireland.

Sold as is or boneless and distributed in vacuum, skin or protective atmosphere.


Filiera Dal Monte srl is fully guaranteed at every stage of processing by obtaining UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 Traceability in Agrifood Chains and IT208ET Optional Labeling Manual certifications.

black angus

I Castrati Angus B.a.s.a.n.i.n.a. are born in Ireland from 100% Angus father ( pure Angus breed) and Angus crossbreed mother that is why they are called 75% Angus.

A mix of tenderness and taste…only for true connoisseurs!

other meats

Dal Monte Ltd. in addition to Dal Monte Chain Meat, purchases, processes and packages other types of Meat: veal and rump, white meat calves, pigs, chickens and game, goats and sheep, equine

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The excellence of Italian meat

We can provide customized solutions for every need, ensuring the highest quality and freshness of products.
Because of our professionalism and expertise, we are the reliable partner for all those seeking a high-quality meat supply chain.