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Short Supply Chain

we guarantee the welfare of our animals

Classy Farm Certified Breeding

Over the past 10 years, Dal Monte Srl has undertaken a strong campaign to raise awareness of respect for animal welfare on the farm and before slaughter.

All the stables in Filiera Dal Monte are certified ClassyFarm, an integrated system aimed at categorizing livestock farming according to risk, an all-Italian innovation that makes it possible to improve and raise the level of safety and quality of products in the food supply chain.

The points verified and checked annually are:

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our strength

Short supply chain

One of the strengths of Dal Monte Srl is the Short Supply Chain: animals are slaughtered, processed/processed, packaged and distributed within 72 hours, specifically meat preparations and meat preparations are made from freshly processed goods of the day, never previously packaged.



Our now 30 years of experience has led us to select in our supply chain the noble French genetic types Limousine and Charolais, both pure and crosses. All animals come exclusively from specialized and selected European farms and finish their maturation in our Italian facilities.

dieta e alimentazione


Feeding comes from a diet made specifically for each animal, which is followed day by day by a nutritionist. Only after a personal verification of completed maturation will the animal be picked up and transported to the slaughter plant, at our Pove del Grappa VI location.

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Our slaughtering process aims to keep texture and flavor intact throughout the process: the animals must be calm from transport, unloading, and standing in stalls where comfort is guaranteed (e.g., soothing water sprays). Our specialized staff still perform many steps of slaughtering by hand, which allows the meat to be stress-free and retain all its organoleptic and conformation characteristics.



Responding to our customers' needs, we offer both sectioning and portioning services. With these services, our customers will be able to order different cuts of meat to accommodate customer needs, reduce inventory and lower costs.

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short supply chain

Diet and nutrition

The diet is derived from a diet created and made specifically for each animal, which is followed day by day by one of our feeders, who, if necessary, varies the diet according to the needs of each animal.
Only when the maturation is complete will the head be picked up and transported to the slaughtering plant, at our Pove del Grappa location.Slaughtering is done at the age of 16-22 months for Vitellone, while for Scottona at 18- 22 months, but it is the farmer himself who personally evaluates each head to verify its correct maturation, each head growing and maturing at different times.

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The excellence of Italian meat

We can provide customized solutions for every need, ensuring the highest quality and freshness of products.
Because of our professionalism and expertise, we are the reliable partner for all those seeking a high-quality meat supply chain.