black angus

carne black angus

Black Angus of Irish origin

Black Angus 75%

Castrated Black Angus B.a.s.a.n.i.n.a. are born in Ireland from 100% Angus father (pure Angus breed) and Angus crossbreed mother for this they are called 75% Angus (a pedigree-certified insemination certificate is issued).

They are castrated by the age of 60 days and spend 15 to 16 months free-range. Immediately afterwards they are imported to Italy at our Dal Monte Chain farms with an arrival live weight of about 400/450 kg; as a first step, vaccination prophylaxis (mandatory in Italy) is carried out mainly for respiratory diseases and bovine verminosis.

black angus

Specific power supply

For the first month, the diet (food ration) è detail, the first week is exclusively composed of fiber, so we begin, then, to introduce grains, which are rich in starch: barley, cornmeal, wheat, this is because the bacterial flora of the animal that has been grazing is not yet ready to digest the starch, which is therefore introduced gradually.

Starting in the second month, the Fibissage Diet, rich in starches, fats, and the great importance of using grains certified for minimal presence of toxins with white starch intake and rich in energy/protein level (such as soybean which is rich in fat), this is because you want to get a particularly marbled meat with infiltrated fat and likewise allows the fat to turn from yellow to white/clear which is both visibly more palatable and more digestible.

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animal welfare

ClassyFarm Breeding

They are thus raised in free-stall, ad libitum-fed, grid-floored stalls with 6 heads per stall, all in full compliance with Animal Welfare (ClassyFarm) for about 7 months. When fully mature, they are then slaughtered with a live weight of around 600/650 kg consequently a dead weight of around 380/400 with EEC European classification: CR4/CR5.

They are then sorted and brought to maturation before being marketed.

black angus

A mix of tenderness and taste…only for true connoisseurs!

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