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The selection

A selection of the best Scottona meats from our Dal Monte Chain, by “Selection” we mean quarters/cuts that meet precise and defined standards of:

After the first positive evaluation step, they are left to mature in a “Dry Age” cell with constantly monitored and calibrated temperature and humidity for 45 to 60 days.

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B.A.S.A.N.I.N.A.-certified Scottona meat.

Certified Scottona meat is one of the best options for those seeking high-quality, healthy and tasty meat. Scottona is an Italian-bred cattle that is raised naturally and healthily, with a balanced diet and without the use of antibiotics or hormones to accelerate growth.

The Dal Monte Chain Selection is carefully controlled to ensure the highest quality and food safety. This type of meat is highly valued by consumers for its tenderness, intense flavor and juicy texture.

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sustainable choices

Control and traceability

The certification of Scottona meat is an important guarantee for consumers who can be sure of where the animals come from and how they were raised. With certification, it is possible to trace the path of meat from farm to table, ensuring that the product has been obtained in a sustainable and environmentally and animal friendly way.

In addition, certified Scottona meat is also an ethical choice, as the animals are treated in a humane manner that respects their needs and welfare.

The Dal Monte Chain Selection is an excellent choice for those looking for high-quality, healthy, tasty food produced in a sustainable and ethical way.

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