meat processing


At our production plant, a crucial stage of the process involves the packaging of whole cuts, ground meat, burgers and sausages along their respective production lines. These products are conveyed to packaging machines, where they are placed in trays and then packaged using a gas mixture or vacuum. For some products, a passage through a shrink oven takes place after the packaging machine to ensure that the film adheres well to the tray. The operator visually verifies the integrity of the packages.


Packaging in ATM or vacuum

Products are packed in trays by specific machines using a gas mixture or vacuum. In some cases, packages go through an oven to improve film adhesion. The operator verifies integrity visually.


Verification of tightness vacuum

The operator visually and by touch checks the vacuum packs to ensure integrity. In case of problems, the product is re-packaged, and if the problem persists, the person in charge of self-control is notified and unsuitable packages are isolated.


Weighing and

The products are transferred to the packing area where weighing and labeling is performed. In the case of meat without added ingredients, meat traceability data are also entered.


Body control metallic strangers

All products containing minced meat are passed through the metal detector to check for the absence of metal foreign bodies.


Product Storage finished

Refrigerated packaged product is stored in cold storage at a temperature between 0 and +4°C (between 0 and +2°C minced meat without ingredients)

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