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quality meat since 1976

A passion that unites generations

1976 – 1984

Our story begins when Giovanni Dal Monte, the current owner, while still a teenager embarked on a career as a butcher working with his uncle. Giovanni Dal Monte opens three butcher shops, in the main square of Bassano del Grappa and neighboring towns.

1985 – 1999

John abandoned the three butcher shops in Bassano and bought the slaughterhouse in Pove del Grappa. IN 1988 The meat center Dal Monte S.r.l. is established.

2000 – Today

We start a phase of technological innovation and development of new markets. Dal Monte supply chain, voluntary labeling specification and ISO certification are born.

centro carni dal monte

"Quality meat is a form of respect for the animal and for those who will consume it."

classyfarm breeding

We breed the best veal and scotton

classy farm

All the stables in Filiera Dal Monte are certified ClassyFarm, an all-Italian innovation that enables the improvement and elevation of the level of safety and quality of products in the agrifood supply chain.

A rich diet of cereals

The main characteristic is animal feeding based on grains, such as corn, in the form of seeds or grains and fodder.

A Veneto project

In addition to meeting breeding parameters, only cattle with certain conformation and fat characteristics are chosen.

Principles and values

Mission and Vision

Dal Monte Ltd. aims to obtain and, above all, maintain a consistently excellent product over time-in this case, a product/continuous supply chain that maintains its excellent characteristics of taste, flavor, tenderness, and marbling for all the animals raised throughout the year.
All “guaranteed” by the Dal Monte Chain, certified quality at all stages of breeding and meat processing.
At the center is the Customer, responding quickly to their needs and requests becomes a way of growth and turns into new opportunities to better serve future customers.

In addition to creating an “excellent” product fundamental for Dal Monte Ltd. is to guarantee the consumer a safe product. To be able to do this central are certifications aimed at ensuring hygienic and sanitary safety, product quality and transparency of processes and parties involved for proper consumer information.

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The excellence of Italian meat

We can provide customized solutions for every need, ensuring the highest quality and freshness of products.
Because of our professionalism and expertise, we are the reliable partner for all those seeking a high-quality meat supply chain.