traceability and certifications

meat traceability

Traceability from breeding to shipping

Dal monte ltd. guarantees the total Traceability of all goods marketed.
Chain meat follows a dedicated numbering (slaughter lot/batch) as all the optional information of the animal (its identity card) is dragged from slaughter to final distribution.
All other meat, processed and marketed is associated with a batch that is maintained for all subsequent stages of processing, transformation, storage and distribution; ditto for all products simply resold as is.

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quality certifications

Certified supply chain

Filiera Dal Monte srl is fully guaranteed at every stage of processing by obtaining the
certifications and it is a great pride for Dal Monte Ltd. to obtain and maintain the:

  • IT208ET Optional Labeling Manual;
  • UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 Certification Traceability in Agrifood Chains

Fundamental is to integrate sanitary safety, product quality, transparency of processes and parties involved for proper consumer information.

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The excellence of Italian meat

We can provide customized solutions for every need, ensuring the highest quality and freshness of products.
Because of our professionalism and expertise, we are the reliable partner for all those seeking a high-quality meat supply chain.