meat processing

meat processing

Presentation of the workings

Dal Monte Ltd. performs different stages of Processing:

  • Slaughtering
    : Cattle from the Dal Monte Chain are slaughtered at the plant.
    Goods slaughtered and/or purchased in halves or quarters then, can be sold as is to the customer (butcher shop, supermarkets, catering, etc.) but can also be processed in various ways.

  • Vacuum Cutting/Packaging.
    : classic processing of simple boning to anatomical cuts later vacuum-packed;

  • Fresh Meat / Sausage Preparations.
    : goods are processed to customer order and then packaged in Atm or Skin

  • Skin/Atm Cutting/Packaging.
    : the goods are processed/portioned directly for the Customer/Point of Sale and packaged in Atm or Skin;
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Our workings

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The excellence of Italian meat

We can provide customized solutions for every need, ensuring the highest quality and freshness of products.
Because of our professionalism and expertise, we are the reliable partner for all those seeking a high-quality meat supply chain.